July 20, 2012

Improve Definition

The improvement has become a necessary element here in this world. Because nothing remains the same. Everything changes, literately, Everything. So for that we need to be will prepared for what changes are coming. Also, bear in mind that this life is not going to wait for anyone. The next days of our lives will keep on going and pass whether we like it or not, and that requires us not just to change, but to change in a very fast paces in order to catch up with the flow of successful people and be in a compatible level of all those people who could really achieve success. That is the new improve definition nowadays, and it is not narrow to one or two fields of improvement. It includes every field where you can improve yourself in. 

Improve your level of knowledge ..

Improving your knowledge in a certain field means trying hard enough to be the best of the game "your field". Achieving that would open a new door of opportunities for you. It is a hard task to do unless you do in a field that you love the most. Trying to improve yourself in a filed you are so obsessed about would make the fire of your enthusiasm lasts longer.

Improve your Communication Skills ..

I always used to hear that " Good Communicators are good leaders & Great Communicators are Great leaders". Indeed. Because when you have a good way of communicating with others. You are establishing a channel where the people are your subscribers for that channel, and all what you have to do is to spread whatever a message that you want and people will be well receivers and respondent for you. That is when you become a leader!

Improve your relationship ..

What I mean by relationship here is that any relationship with any human being. Even your friendship, you have to improve it so you can build a vast and subtle network. Having a big and strong network is helpful where you can spread your idea and messages easily in a short time because of the vast network you have established already.


July 15, 2012

How to manage your time

Hello there .... :)

I know it is been a long time .. but I really was busy recently doing some stuff for my family .. now I'm back to the game ;)

We have stopped at the letter "T" of the word ACTION  after we did talk about the letter "C" and "A" in
previous posts ..

The letter T stands for Time Management ... Nowadays,  in our world, everyday of our lives can make a difference, and to make that desired difference we need to fully optimize the time and try to consume some more of it on what gets us closer to achieving our goals. But, because of the carelessness and the hectic daily life, we tend to ignore this important element .. So here I am going to give you some good tips about how manage your time efficiently ... 

1/ Organaize your life !!  ...

Organizing includes everything .. Organizing your stuff, clothes, books and everything ! spend sometime organizing them .. It is really clear that being organized would save most of the time which could be spent of other tasks throughout the day.

2/ Don't Make a Tight Schedule ..

We all know. So what called "perfect" actually does not exist .. So don't try to make a very perfect schedule where there is no minute without planning .. It is not going to work out ... be more realistic with planning your day.

3/ No Excuses ...

Don't make any lame excuse for breaking your day plan .. keep it firm the way u planned it .. having a strong commitment will assure keeping you the right path to success ....

July 13, 2012

Boost Your Confidence

Hello everyone .....

Still Remember the word  ACTION  from  -Day8-  post ?! ...  I started with the letter A = Attitude

Now it's time for letter C = Confidence ..

During one of my interviews to join on the big student societies in my university, the interviewer "who happened to be one of my close friends later after the interview" did ask some wired questions. But, for me, I was skillfully answering all of those questions or at least dodging them !

One of the lines the interviewer dropped was" Mr. Ahmed .. You seem to be so confident .. Can you tell me what is the different between Confidence and Arrogance? "  and I replied his question by saying "Arrogance might happen because the lack of attention or seeking other people attention .. On the other side, confidence is where you just become yourself " ..

I personally believe that if you want to be confident, you must trust yourself that you are great the way you are without pretending something you are not ... Just be yourself .. be comfortable under your skin with whatever you do .. things are really ruined because lacking of confidence

I got to notice that positivity and confidence are so much related .. In fact they come with each other all the time ... being confident means that you are believing in what skill you have and you can accomplish any thing you want, that's also what we call it thinking positively.


July 12, 2012

The Secret Of Success

Hi again ... :)

Couple of months ago, I attended one of my most inspiring talks for a visiting lecturer who came from Singapore. He was sharing with us some of his stories about his successful career and how he reach the level of a professor. At the end of his talk, he shared with us his "Secret" of success .. I was totally impressed with what he said. Here I am will share his "Secret" of success ..

The Secret of Success could be shortened with the word  ::ACTION::

So, what is action ?  Action is :

A = Attitude "I did write an article about How to Improve your Attitude "
C = Confidence
T = Time Management
I  = Innovate and  Improve 
O= Offer to society
N= Now!

Letter A == Attitude .. 

One of key elements to be success is having a good attitude. With good attitude you can turn your enemies to be your allies and supporters. People generally are so affected with this type of attitude, they like the person who gives them the respect and treat them like they are an important element for any successful project. Therefor, the productivity of your supporters (If you are in a leading position) will increase dramatically. Keep on reading about how to improve your attitude in my previous article HERE ..

For my next posts I'm going to explain more about the next letter "C" ... Stay Tuned ;)


July 11, 2012

How to Improve Your Attitude

Attitude is something really important in someone's life. The good attitude lays on the ability of someone to communicate well with other people, and how well depends on how good attitude you show..

To Define Attitude : It is a way of behaving or reacting  toward any situation or even people .. From that we can say a good attitude means a good way of behaving or reacting with different situations and types of people ....

Here I am sharing some tips of how to develop a good attitude :-

Keep Positivity..
 It is very important to stay positive because it is a key to bring more positive things and reactions toward situations and people. Maybe your boss at work did criticize you for something you have done. you might think that your boss hates so you will start losing faith in yourself and that is going to affect your performance after .. But if you develop a good way of thinking like saying that your boss cares about you and he wants you to improve your work, that might make you more productive in trying to match yourself with the standard of your boss .. Negativity is a job killer !! Watch out .. more about positivity you can find by reading through my previous post Positivity is Awesome .

Treat People From The Heart, Not From The Mind..
The concept of treating people from the heart means not to build any relationships on any self advantages or purposes you might have out of those relationships .. and that means being totally clear, sincere and honest with people in order to build a long term relationships !

Smile .. 
I always have that thing for people who keep on smiling for no reason .. smiles can clear the spaces of any anger or hatred between people. Plus, it might shows the enemy that you are in very good and stable state and that might fire them up! 

Stay healthy. Stay Sharp..
It is noticed that people who tend to ignore their health might develop anxiety, stress and their productivity becomes low because their body is not well treated. Remember, You are working using your body and mind. So take care of them to be guaranteed that they can serve you the best at any time ..

Happiness  ..  is an Attitude!

July 10, 2012

Inspirational Pickups From Twitter ..

Hi Everyone .... :)
here are some inspirational quotes (at least, I find them inspiring ) that I picked up from my Twitter Account and collected them in one single post ....

"Life is consciousness." - Emmet Fox. this quote could be related to one of my posts "Attraction Law"

"Change is the process by which the future invades our lives." could be related to "Change Now" post

"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." - Og Mandino

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness." -Oprah

"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life." -Golda Meir

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." -Michael Jordan

"It always seems impossible until its done." -Nelson Mandela

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character." - Albert Einstein


 Stay Inspired ... Stay Happy

Enjoy The Ride !

It is something that we miss most of the time when we are busy thinking about the destination of where we want to reach. We pay all the attention to the end of our journey and forget to enjoy what we are doing. Instead of living a happy and joyful journey, we just stress ourselves in trying to reach the end as fast as we can. In fact, when we reach the end of the journey quicker than others so we are just putting a quick end to our journey without enjoying it to the fullest. Life is not a race! Life is for living.

Secret of Success
One thing I notice that when we enjoy the journey of reaching our goals, the chances of us to fed up or giving up becomes so low, because we are actually enjoying what we are doing, and things become much more memorable and full of happiness. Most of the successful people are actually in love with what they are doing, and that is one of the reasons to be happy and have a successful life. Passion can drives us to where we truly belong and show us the way to become who we truly want to be  ..

Have you ever heard of the movie Peaceful Worrier? It is one of my most inspiring movies. In fact I did watch it for almost 5 times till now. I thought of sharing a scene of that movie where I first started to be aware of "Enjoying the Ride" concept . That scene showed me one of the reasons to be happy .... Enjoy Watching ;)


The Secret is .. Let Your Passion Drives You 

July 9, 2012

The Story of The Ugliest Woman in The World

Hello Again .. :) 

here is one of the videos that I find inspiring  ..   

she talks about her struggle to make her way through the pain .. she was called the most ugliest woman in the world .. However, now she is one of the symbols of how we can overcome our problems and become who we want to be ... I learned alot and I think you will .

Enjoy Watching :)

How to Truly "WANT" Something in Life

Hi everyone .... 

I want to be rich!! Everyone wants to be rich. But, unfortunately not all the people who want to be rich become rich !Why ? Because simply they don't really know how to truly want something. Just the people who truly understand the meaning of wanting something could get what they wanted. Here I am going to share with you the true and deep meaning of "WANT-ING" anything you desire in life :-

To want something ...
                    You must want it as bad as you want to breath to live! Imagine that you are drowning down the water. What is the first thing you going to think about while you are drowning? "Breathing" .. Would you think of anything else? "I Don't really think so" .. If you want to achieve something you must want it as bad as you want to breath if you were under the water.Because you know if you don't breath you will die so you going to push yourself to the maximum limit to breath and the same thing should be to get what you want in life!

To want something ...
                    You must be willing to give up who you are for who you want to become. Most people really want something but they are not willing to give up for that even their pleasure time or even the dating stuff. willing to leave what consumes up your time like; texting, dating, sleeping, is one of the important thing to truly want something and people fail at this point. To get something you need to sacrifice and how much you sacrifice show how truly you want something .

To want something ...
                    You must bear the Pain of the journey of reaching what you want. Pain is essential, but at the end is going to subside and something else will take its place, The Success! .. but if you failed bearing the Pain, wither it might not resign easily or it will last forever!

Bearing the three in mind and acting upon them,I can guarantee you your life is going to be  full of success and greatness  ..

July 8, 2012

Quantum Physics And The Law of Attraction

Hi everyone ... :) It is a followup post for my last post about positivity.

I always used to here about how important to be positive minded, not to mention what is going to happen when you have sort of negative thoughts. They said "like attracts like" but I was wondering, Why does it attract it? and  what about the other people around me? If I'm positive and they are negative so who is going to attract the other ? .. even after watching the movie "The Secret : The Law Of Attraction" and reading its book, I still had those questions in mind ...

I'm so proud to say that I got the answer of this! I was doing a research before under one of my elective subjects in my university  about a new science called "Quantum Physics". At the beginning, the name sounded so cool for me, but when I started reading and researching ! I was like ! Seriously, it opens a new way of thinking and it suggests very unbelievable laws.

One of the theories of that science is that this whole universe is just an illusion! In fact, everything in this universe is infinity interconnected and we all belong to a one object and there is no such thing called separation. We all belong to that one single object like one single entity! and it has been proven some how by the scientists. and in such situation, the time and space will have no meaning at all since we all belong and united with that object. The question that is going to raise up in mind is that " So Why do we feel the space and time?"

The Consciousness, is the reason .. Consciousness has the power of perceiving what our five senses are receiving. It is like the mind receiving signals and it act upon those signals by executing the related codes( which was been saved in mind) to those signals as a response to produce what we see, hear, smell, taste, sense and feel .. everything you feel or see is just a production of the Consciousness! and the feeling of time and space is also a production of consciousness. Hence that the feeling of the space and time is just also a production of our consciousness where in the very deep level of reality, time and space are no fundamentals.

Consciousness is a part of the mind that has the ability to perceive thoughts. Also, consciousness could be refined by the type of thoughts you are having. Bearing that in mind and knowing consciousness is the part which is responsible about what we see, feel and all the other senses, we can say that the quantum physics proves the theory of the positive mentality, where whatever you think about or imagine is going to refine your consciousness and it will produce your life scenes based on those thoughts.

Get yourself out of the negativity .. You own the world with your THOUGHTS !!